Aether Mechanic” is the first book focus on explaining fundamental forces and nuclear model using the proposed aether mechanics theory. The aether mechanics theory is based on two papers about gravity force and electromagnetic force published in the Journal of Mechanics in 2014. This proposed aether mechanics model is then be used to provide a reasonable explanation for the strong and weak nuclear forces. Furthermore, this proposed aether mechanics theory suggests a new nuclear model that explains the nuclear structure without the need for an electric charges nor for a positive charged proton.

In the introduction of the book, all four fundamental forces including strong and weak nuclear forces are conceptually explained with the proposed aether theory. In the rest of the book, it focus on derivation of gravity force and electromagnetic waves based on Newton’s laws on motion of substantial aether particles. Bonus materials of tensor analysis are included in the appendix of this book. Additional matrix formats are shown along the 2nd order tensor format to help readers visualize the tensor operations.

The Mathematics used to develop the substantial aether theory has been reviewed by many scientists in the field. A reward of $25.6 is offered to the first person to find each Mathematical error in this book and report it to the author on No Mathematical error has been found since 2015.


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Hejie Lin has worked at General Motors Global Propulsion System for 8 years. He has developed rotor dynamic software for dynamics analysis of rotor-bearing systems. He has also developed a finite element code for noise and vibration analysis of electric motors. Hejie received a B.S. degree in Physics from National Chung-Hsing University (Taiwan) and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Oakland University, Michigan. He has two patents pending for engine combustion control using Principal Component Analysis. One of his papers received the Paper Award from Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Taiwan). He has taught “Dynamics” and “Strength of Materials” courses at Saint Clair College (Canada), and is an adjunct lecturer at Oakland University teaching the “Acoustics and Noise Control” course.