Natural Theory of the Universe proposes an aether theory to explain light and gravity based Newton’s Law of Motion. The mechanical explanation for light and gravity is summarized as following. 

  • Gravity can be explained by aether pressure differences caused by aether flow velocity differences following Bernoulli’s principle.
  • Light is an electromagnetic wave. It can be explained by the translational and rotational motions of aether particles. The Maxwell’s equations can be derived based on Newton’s laws of motion.


“Newton’s Laws of Motion Based Substantial Aether Theory for Electro-Magnetic Wave” received the Paper Award from Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Taiwan) in 2015.

Lead Researcher

Dr. Tsung-Wu Lin is an emeritus civil engineering professor at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. He is the creator of the Nature Theory of the Universe. Since his retirement at the early age of 50 from Taiwan University, he has devoted his time to working on the mechanical explanation for fundamental forces including gravity, electromagnetic forces, strong force and weak force.